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Cool Sculpting is a cosmetic procedure that uses advanced cooling technology to help freeze away stubborn areas of fat like belly fat, back fat, and love handles. It works by eliminating the fat cells beneath the skin. Using cooling technology, fat cells are targeted and damaged then leave the body as waste. The results achieved through Cool Sculpting are natural-looking and are long-lasting.

What Areas Can Cool Sculpting Treat?

Specific areas on the body are perfect for the Cool Sculpt treatment . The most popular targeted body contouring areas are:

  • Belly fat
  • Love handles
  • Hips
  • Armpit fat
  • Back fat
  • Double chin area
  • Thigh fat
  • Upper knee fat

How Does Cool Sculpting Work?

Cool Sculpting works by eliminating fat cells. When the cooling technology penetrates the skin, it damages the fat cell’s membrane. Once the fat cell is damaged, it can no longer appropriately function or store fat. The cell dies and processes out of the body as waste. The method of fat reduction is known as Cryolipolysis and can take several weeks after treatment to fully show results.

8 to 12 weeks after your treatment, you should notice a reduction in fat and see a much more slim, sculpted appearance when you look in the mirror. The best part? Cool Sculpting results look natural, and they are long-lasting because once the fat cell dies, it cannot grow back or be replaced.

Benefits of Cool Sculpting

  • Eliminate stubborn fat cells
  • Non-invasive
  • Minimal to no downtime
  • Target stubborn areas that hold more fat cells such as the belly or thighs
  • Fast 30-minute treatments
  • Safe alternative to liposuction
  • No significant side effects

How Much Does Cool Sculpting Cost?

Cool Sculpting costs can vary per patient, depending on the number of treatments needed to achieve the desired results. When you schedule your consultation, your technician will help you determine if fat freezing is right for you and just how many treatments you will need depending on your body. The cost includes the size and type of the applicator used per treatment and the number of cycles required to achieve the desired fat reduction. Special discounts and specials are available. Sculptology has expert technicians who conduct the fat freezing procedures for you, so you know you are getting the best results at a price you can afford.

Cool Sculpting Near Me

Cool Sculpting is a technique sensitive procedure. To get the best possible results from your body contouring treatments, you will need to visit a spa, like Sculptology in Pleasanton, CA, that has highly trained technicians to perform each procedure. To learn if Cool Sculpting is right for you, call (925) 329-6333 or reach out online and schedule your free consultation.


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