CoolSculpting At Home: Why DIY CoolSculpting Is Dangerous + Ineffective

coolsculpting at home

CoolSculpting is a popular, trusted non-evasive treatment too fat reduction. Reducing stubborn fat bulges has resulted in people wanting to freeze their fat from home. DIY hacks are popping up on websites, blogs, and reviews. The problem is DIY CoolSculpting can hurt you, and it doesn’t work.


CoolSculpting is a medical treatment that causes cryolipolysis or cold-induced cell death. The concept may seem simple.  Fat freezes at higher temperatures than water.  Skin cells consist primarily of water. Therefore, it reasons that if you can expose a stubborn bulge,  say belly fat,  to an external temperature,  and you are able to precisely calibrate that temperature,   you can make it cold enough to freeze subcutaneous fat cells but not so cold that it freezes the overlying skin cells.

That’s exactly what CoolSculpting does.

During the fat freezing procedure, a trained technician places a gel pad over the stubborn bulge to protect the patient’s skin from frostbite. The technician then secures a proprietary CoolSculpting applicator over the gel pad.  The applicator is turned on and a gentle vacuum mechanism draws the bulge up into the applicator, suctioning and securing the underlying fat cells towards the surface of the skin. The expert can now begin the chilling process, exposing fat cells to precisely controlled cooling on all sides of the bulge. Freezing bulges at multiple angles allows for deeper penetration of the fat.

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Once the CoolSculpting applicator chills the fat cells to the concise temperature and time, cryolipolysis begins to take effect. Their skin remains unharmed; however, the underlying fat cells are frozen, damaged beyond repair. The body no longer has a use for them and excretes them via the lymph system.


Safety plays an essential role in CoolSculpting, which is cleared by the FDA for reducing stubborn fat. Proprietary applicators contain gauges that consistently monitor the entire treatment process. Cryolipolysis requires certain cooling temperatures and time, so the treatment destroys fat cells without harming the skin.  Hence, these sensors within the CoolSculpting applicators are necessary for the protection of patients.


DIY CoolSculpting at home carries many potential risks: numbness to nerves and muscles.  Blisters. Burning. Frostbite. Lack of correct cooling treatment doesn’t destroy fat cells. That’s why it’s easy to inure your skin in hopes of freezing your fat. A med spa uses the appropriate equipment to protect both the patient and their well-being.


There are numerous reasons why DIY CoolSculpting doesn’t work.

Consistent cold is essential to freeze fat

Ice packs can’t provide the precise, controlled, and consistent temperatures required for fat reduction.  The instant you place an ice pack on your skin, the pack begins to warm up from your body heat.

Proper suction is essential to freeze fat. 

Maintaining a consistently cold temperature is but one reason Coolsculpting at home doesn’t work. Fat cells must also be secured in place near the surface of the skin.  If not, subcutaneous fat cells evade the cold by pulling away from the skin. This is another reason why you need the actual Coolsculpting machine.   The proprietary applicators are equipped with a gentle vacuum mechanism that draws the fat cells to the surface of the skin layer. Once the stubborn bulge is drawn up into the applicator, the suction secures these cells in place.  This allows them to be chilled. Summed up, ice packs provide no suction.

DIY Coolsculpting won’t save you money

People are turning to DIY hacks in hopes of saving on CoolSculpting cost. The problem is skin injuries can result in an emergency room visit. Are the dangers to your skin worth a procedure that doesn’t work?


The best way to save on an FDA cleared Coolsculpting treatment is to do it the professional way. Sculptology, the leading Coolsculpting in the TriValley area, is offering 25% off fat reduction cost when you schedule a free consultation. Contact the office of Sculptology today by filling out the form below or calling (925) 329-6333.


What is CoolSculpting?

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