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We know that, at times, there is a need for flexible options when it comes to paying for personal investments.

Many of our patients who come to us are looking forward to getting CoolSculpting done and can’t wait to see their body’s transformation after completing their journey! We know that, at times, there is a need for flexible options when it comes to paying for personal investments. We completely understand, which is exactly why Sculptology has partnered with Cherry Financial and Care Credit to offer comprehensive financing options to those who may want to explore this option. We offer a variety of flexible payment plans depending on your treatment plan and financing needs.

When you come for your free consult, we will discuss the in’s and out’s of CoolSculpting, answer all your questions and confirm that you’re an ideal candidate, design your personalized treatment plan by showing you Sculptology clients before and after photos, so you can see what CoolSculpting can do for you; finally, we will talk about your investment, and see what makes sense financially if you decide you’re ready to freeze your unwanted fat!

Our team will walk you through all your options and plans. The BEST part, you can fill out a short form to determine your credit eligibility, an easy step to get pre-qualified, which is only a soft inquiry on your credit, which gives you complete transparency about your monthly payments and options.

CoolSculpting is an investment in YOU, most importantly, in your confidence and happiness. An investment our patients and we wholeheartedly believe is more than worth it. After completing over 10,000 treatments, it becomes even more obvious that the presence of unwanted fat that many struggles to get rid of affects people and their daily lives in a myriad of real and frustrating ways that can negatively impact almost every aspect of their life.

We love that our clients have found their solution to diet and exercise-resistant/stubborn fat with CoolSculpting, the only non-invasive, FDA-approved procedure that works to remove up to 25% of fat in the treatment area. Although our clients come to us with specific body part frustrations (sometimes multiple), the emotional transformation happens after their treatment plan is completed. The reaction our patients have the first time they see their Before and After pictures, is worth every penny invested. Loss of confidence, embarrassment, frustration, anger, loss of motivation, and the disbelief that they are able to alter their body through other means than strict diet and excessive exercise regimens is something they learn we are able to help them achieve. Something we share with all of our patients is that we completely understand, you’re not alone! The aging process, hormones, and many other factors can get in the way of successfully sculpting and changing your body through your own best efforts- it’s OK to get outside help!

CoolSculpting bridges the gap between the body you have and the body you ultimately want to see when you look in the mirror! Sculptology blindly trusts this technology and our team so much that we offer complete assurance in your results, so you can feel confident when you invest your hard-earned money in non-invasive fat reduction, you’ll see the anticipated change on your body that you want to see.

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We’re happy to schedule a complimentary consultation or answer any of your questions about your Sculptology Journey!