It’s More Than Calories

Perhaps you’re doing all the "right things" – watching your calorie intake, working out on a regular basis, and avoiding late-night snacks and treats.

Why Inflammatory Foods Can Cause Unsightly Bulge, and Which Foods To Avoid

In Our Previous Blog, We Shared Why CoolSculpting Is The Perfect Addition To A Healthy Diet and Exercise – In Today’s Blog, We’d Love To Shine Some Light On Diet Blunders You Might Be Making…And Not Even Realize!

Perhaps you’re doing all the “right things” – watching your calorie intake, working out on a regular basis, and avoiding late-night snacks and treats. Yet still, those areas of “jiggle” and hanging fat just won’t seem to go away. It’s possible there’s more to the picture – and your body may be sabotaging your weight loss and wellness efforts because you’re consuming inflammatory foods; putting your body in a state of chronic inflammation.

So, what is inflammation anyways? Think of it as one of your body’s defense systems – when your body detects the abnormal  – from allergic reactions, to bruises and minor injuries. In a healthy body, the body will allow inflammation to subside

With chronic inflammation however, the foods you consume cause your body to remain in a perpetual “defense”, inflamed state. It’s almost as if, through the foods you consume, you are pressing your body’s “red alert” alarm over and over again – and this constant inflammatory response can often lead to gaining weight, low energy, skin conditions, and diseases ranging from obesity and diabetes to cancer.

At a glance, here are some of the most commonly consumed inflammatory foods, some of which have often been considered as “diet friendly” foods, that are actually working against your efforts to slim down!

  1. Sugar – When we eat too much sugar, the excess glucose our body can’t process quickly enough can increase inflammation. Sugar also suppresses the effectiveness of our white blood cells’ germ-killing ability, weakening our immune system and making us more susceptible to infectious diseases.
  2. Vegetable Oil – Although in recent years, many companies have switched from trans fats to vegetable oil in their food manufacturing processes, the problem with inflammation remains! Vegetable oils contain a substantial amount of the inflammatory fat, omega-6, and are low in the anti-inflammatory fat, omega-3. Here’s a troubling statistic! Americans are eating so much vegetable oil, that the average person has an omega-6 to omega-3 ratio of around 20:1, when a healthy ratio should be 1:1.
  3. Refined flour – Because they lack the fiber and nutrients of whole grains, your body processes and breaks down refined flour quite rapidly. The faster your body digests glucose, the more your blood sugar levels spike. As blood sugar increases, so does insulin – which creates an inflammatory response in the body.
  4. Dairy – while some intake of dairy can be beneficial (for example, yogurt has bacteria that can help the gut), dairy can also contain saturated fat which leads to inflammation. In fact, the “good bacteria” contained in yogurt can actually be decreased when consuming full-fat dairy. Between 30 million and 50 million Americans are intolerant to dairy, making it a very common allergen and in turn a cause of inflammation.
  5. Artificial Sweeteners – Often, we reach for a diet soda or “sugar free” product to cut calories, but find ourselves making a much less healthy choice without even realizing it! Artificial sweeteners disrupt bacteria in our gut, and make it difficult for us to properly metabolize glucose – which in turn causes even more inflammation.
  6. Conventionally-farmed meat – Conventionally-farmed meat is based on a grain-fed diet. The problem is, this isn’t how poultry, cattle and pigs evolved and in turn to keep their livestock healthy, meat producers are required to give them large doses of antibiotics. These antibiotics keep disease at bay in livestock and cause them to gain weight – which makes us, the end consumer, gain weight as well. The meat we consume today is higher in saturated fat, and due to residual hormones and antibiotics lead our body to remain in a constant state of inflammation. If you’re grilling meat, it also creates carcinogens that are another cause of inflammation. Look to purchase grass-fed beef as a protein source, as these are free from a grain-fed diet and contain anti-inflammatory omega 3 fats.
  7. Processed meat – An even worse culprit than conventional meat, processed meat not only contains saturated fat but inflammatory compounds resulting from the process of drying, smoking and cooking meat at high temperature. Not to mention artificial colors, preservatives, and flavorings that trigger an inflammatory response.
  8. Excess alcohol – While some studies show one drink each day may reduce inflammation, excess alcohol can be a serious cause of inflammation. The process of breaking down alcohol generates by-products that promote inflammation, can damage liver cells, and weaken the body’s immune system. As with many diet tips, the key with alcohol is good sense and moderation!

Remember – it can be difficult to make a 180-degree change in your diet overnight, but even small steps in the right direction can create a big improvement over time. Aim to think twice as you plan your meals for the days ahead, and see what inflammation-causing foods you can begin to cut down, replace, or avoid altogether.

The perfect complement to a healthy diet, CoolSculpting can help you achieve your best body ever by eliminating fat safely, gently, and permanently.

If you’re curious to learn more about how CoolSculpting can help you achieve your best body ever – and want to discover if the treatment is the right fit for you, schedule a complimentary consultation to identify your problem areas and see how Sculptology can help you achieve your ideal shape! Take the first step on your journey by calling or texting us at (925) 329-6333 or emailing


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