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1aCoolSculpting is the revolutionary, fat-freezing technology that lets you say good-bye to unsightly fat pockets that you can’t get rid of through exercise and diet alone. Reduce your trouble spots in your chin, male pecs, armpits, bra-line, love handles, thighs, and stomach.


  • Buy One CoolSculpting Treatment – Get another one 1/2 OFF

  • Can be used on any area of the body

  • No Limit, Good until 1-31-23

  • Not sure how many cycles you need? Call us, we are happy to help!  (925) 329-6333 

Our BEST Offer Of The Year!

BOGO ( Buy One Get One ½ OFF) on multiple treatments

It’s simple! You can buy as many CoolSculpting cycles as you want at our absolute lowest price ever.

After you purchase your cycles, you can simply call us during normal business hours to schedule your treatment. We have offices in Lafayette and Pleasanton and are open Monday-Saturday to accommodate your availability.

Great question! This is a tough one because there is no right answer that is one size fits all. In general, different areas of the body are best suited with the following cycle counts for 1 session:

Abdomen: 2-10 cycles
Flanks / Love Handles: 2-4 cycles
Inner Thighs: 2 cycles
Outer Thighs: 2 cycles
Arms: 2-4 cycles
Chin: 1-4 cycles

Because everyone’s body type is different, the chart above should just be used as a general idea of how many cycles you may need for a specific area, but the actual amount you need will be determined by us when you come in for your treatment.

The good news that is that if you purchase more cycles than you need, we will be happy to reimburse you for your unused cycles as long you adhere to our refund conditions listed below.

Please Note:

The number of cycles you require is determined during your consultation. The ONLY area that may require just 1 cycle is your chin. All other areas require AT LEAST 2 cycles or more. Most people purchase at least 6 cycles to be safe. Once you purchase your CoolSculpting cycles using this form, one of our CoolSculpting Experts will call you shortly to schedule your CoolSculpting treatment at either of our locations. We can’t wait to freeze you!

This also depends on many factors, but we can tell you that about 3/4 of our CoolSculpting clients chose to get a second treatment, and this is also something we often recommend to see the best results.

We’re glad you asked! CoolSculpting is the world’s #1 non-invasive fat reduction treatment. It’s been performed over 10 million times and is completely safe and effective. The treatment requires zero needles, surgery, and little to no downtime and can take as little as just 35 minutes per area. CoolSculpting Elite is the most advanced CoolSculpting technology yet, we are seeing much faster and better results with this new device. Sculptology will upgrade you for free to the Elite with the purchase of the BOGO 1/2 OFF special.

This one’s easy – Sculptology is the #1 CoolSculpting provider in Northern California, – this means we know what we’re doing when it comes to CoolSculpting and our spectacular results speak for themselves- we have More FIVE STAR reviews from our happy and satisfied clients than anyone!  There is no better place to get your CoolSculpting treatment done! Our CoolSculpting experts have performed thousands of treatments.

First, brag to all your friends that you got the lowest CoolSculpting price ever. Then, give us a call to schedule your treatment – it’s that simple.

We love this question and are happy to report that your purchase IS 100% transferable meaning you are welcome to buy cycles for your friends, family, and anyone else you want. As long as they are a candidate for CoolSculpting, we are happy to treat them!

In terms of being refundable, your purchase is completely refundable as long as you request your refund by Feb. 1, 2023. After that date, your purchase will no longer be refundable.

You have until February 1st, 2023 but we do recommend you schedule it as soon as possible so that you can see your body transformation results sooner rather than later!

This is offer is good while supplies last and will expire on, Nov. 28, 2022 or when we sell out of all CoolSculpting cycles designated for this offer, whichever comes first.

CoolSculpting® freezes fat cells for up to 25% of your treatment area. Unlike traditional diet and exercise, it’s quick, non-invasive, and you can see results in as little as one appointment. If you’re looking for the #1 CoolSculpting Provider in the San Francisco Bay Area, you’ve come to the right place!

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Sculptology is so much more than CoolSculpting – we are in business for the greater good. While our plans are extensive, the only thing missing is you. It would be our privilege to welcome you not only to Sculptology, but as the newest member and contributor to Sculptology Life.

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