Reasons CoolSculpting Elite is Better Than the Rest

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If you’re in search of a way to get rid of unwanted fat bulges that won’t budge with diet and exercise, there’s certainly no shortage of options  to choose from. But there’s only ONE non-invasive option that is actually the most sought-after and can boast of truly being number one, and that’s CoolSculpting Elite!  

At Sculptology, we are proud to reign as the number one CoolSculpting Elite provider in the entire state of California. We’ve built our business and reputation on being transparent and honest with our clients, and there are truly countless reasons we love the CoolSculpting technology we are pleased to offer both men and women who want a solution to their stubborn fat. Here’s just a few!

Reasons CoolSculpting Elite is Better Than the Rest

As far as fat reduction, also known as body-sculpting, goes there are quite a few options available. Some may work (but at what cost?), and some are certainly no more than gimmicks that claim to be the best. How can you know which technology is actually going to get you the results you want? When it comes to non-invasive options, only CoolSculpting Elite can actually claim to be supreme, as it actually tops the list of medical professionals around the world and is performed more than all the other options! Here’s a small sampling of the reasons CoolSculpting Elite is better than the rest, and actually is the number one non-invasive fat reduction technology available. 

  • CoolSculpting Elite is Safe. As we’ve said, CoolSculpting Elite is non-invasive, which means while it targets precise areas of the body, it does not require any cutting, stitching, or even the use of anesthetic. Since it is entirely non-invasive, it carries far less risk than other fat-reducing procedures available like liposuction. Depending on your particular fat-reduction goals, your CoolSculpting Elite session may take as little as 35 minutes. Bonus: you can go on with your day as soon as your procedure is done with little-to-no downtime. Scheduling a CoolSculpting Elite session at Sculptology is a great way to lose fat in a medically secure and advanced environment. We live and breathe CoolSculpting Elite, and have the experience and expertise necessary to make you feel comfortable and confident that you’re getting the best treatment possible.
  • CoolSculpting Elite is Effective. There’s a reason our clients, both women and men, love their results– CoolSculpting Elite WORKS. Stubborn fat can sometimes feel impossible to get rid of, no matter how many hours you’ve spent at the gym or how clean your diet is. CoolSculpting Elite is based on science – it uses freezing temperatures to achieve targeted fat cell destruction. Because fat cells can’t survive freezing temperatures like other cells can, the fat cells are crystallized and all other cells remain healthy and unharmed. Our clients see about a 20% fat reduction in as little as 4 weeks! But don’t just imagine your results, see them! Take a look at our gallery of “Before and Afters” we’ve produced. 
  • CoolSculpting Elite Is FDA-Cleared. An FDA Clearance isn’t easy to come by, and CoolSculpting Elite can actually boast of NINE of them! CoolSculpting is a scientifically safe and FDA-cleared way to finally free yourself of the extra fat that’s been weighing you down. This procedure has been performed literally millions of times, has been thoroughly studied in various countries around the world, and has 100s of “white papers,” which are authoritative reports written solely to provide the public information on an issue. Without any needles, scalpels, or anesthesia, CoolSculpting Elite is a calculated, researched, tried-and-true method of removing that unwanted fat!
  • The Results of CoolSculpting Elite Last! Sure, you will see visible fat reduction in as little as four weeks, but do the results last? Of course! You are born with a set amount of fat cells, and so once they’re frozen to death and removed naturally from your body, they’re gone for good! You won’t magically grow more fat cells. In full transparency though, these treatments do not destroy every single fat cell in the body, so it’s important to exercise and eat healthy as the remaining fat cells can still potentially expand. All in all, if you receive treatment and continue on with a healthy lifestyle, you will remain a more-slender you! 

Ready to Freeze Your Fat Away?

Eager to learn more about whether CoolSculpting Elite is the fat reduction solution you’ve been looking for? The Sculptology team is ready for a no pressure consultation and to answer your questions about whether you’re a good candidate for this amazing technology. You can schedule a consultation with either our LaFayette location or our Pleasanton location, or select your cosmetic concerns to receive confidential treatment recommendations on our Let’s Start My Journey page. 


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